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Aug 18, 2011 What’s all the hubbub, bub?
Aug 23, 2011 Yes, Lois- there is a Metropolis.
Aug 29, 2011 “Have picnic basket- will travel!”
Sep 5, 2011 Toadal Recall: Leland, MS- Home of the Frog
Sep 12, 2011 Popeye’s on vacation- in Chester, IL
Sep 19, 2011 Toadal Recall 2: Little Rock Boogaloo! If Kermit won’t come back to us, we go to Kermit!
Sep 26, 2011 Leland Frog Fest- just a hop, skip and a jump down Hwy 61!
Oct 4, 2011 Nashville Comics and Horror Fest- the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!
Oct 21, 2011 A Haunting We Will Go, A Haunting We Will Go…
Oct 26, 2011 Tricks and Treats for Halloween- Spooky fun this weekend around the Mid-South!
Oct 31, 2011 In your face 3-D! My trip to American Paper Optics
Nov 8, 2011 “Location, location, location!” Touring a cemetery in New Orleans for my birthday.
Nov 15, 2011 “Here fishy, fishy, fishy..!” My trip to the aquarium in New Orleans!
Nov 29, 2011 The Muppets movie tugged at my puppet heartstrings!
Dec 13, 2011 Sketching in a galaxy far, far away…Star Wars Galaxy 7 sketchcards
Jan 16, 2012 Happy MLK Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Jan 24, 2012 Last weekend in an arena not too far, far away…Star Wars Crystal Ball!
Feb 17, 2012 Flashback Friday: Red Bank, NJ- home of The Comic Book Men
Feb 28, 2012 Con Etiquette and the Art of the Portfolio Review Part 1
Mar 2, 2012 Flashback Friday: San Diego Comic Con- “It’s the BIG ONE, Elizabeth!”
Mar 6, 2012 Con Etiquette and the Art of the Portfolio Review Part 2
May 30, 2012 Dead Man Walking-10 Feet Off Of Beale!
Jun 17, 2012 Superman Celebration 2012 pt1- The Road To Metropolis!
Jul 5, 2012 Superman Celebration 2012 pt2- Day 1: Opening Ceremonies!
Jul 28, 2012 Superman Celebration 2012 pt3: Artists Alley/Writers Way- costumes, art and George Pérez!
Aug 1, 2012 Superman Celebration 2012 pt4: “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…Lois Lane!”
Aug 2, 2012 Superman Celebration 2012 pt5: Best (and worst) Dressed Supers in Metropolis!
Aug 18, 2012 “Hey, when/where is that cool convention?” The who, what, when, where, and why that should be on your website
Aug 30, 2012 Have Geek Will Travel- In Style! T-Birds flew into Memphis
Oct 1, 2012 The Backwoods Comics Festival- Good Southern Fun!
Oct 23, 2012 Space Truckin’ With Capt. Kirk
Nov 25, 2012 Happy 92nd Birthday to Noel Neill- the Original Lois Lane and First Lady of Metropolis!
Feb 10, 2013 M&Ms melt in your mouth, not in your library’s display case!
May 4, 2013 Happy Free Comic Book- and Star Wars Day…May The Fourth and Free Comics Be With You!
Jun 23, 2013 Super-summer pt1: My trip to the 2013 Metropolis Superman Celebration
Jul 1, 2013 Super-summer pt2: My trip to the 2013 Metropolis Superman Celebration- Last Day
Aug 11, 2013 Con games- the business of putting on conventions
Oct 29, 2013 My Day Trip To Wizard World Nashville 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Rockin’ In Memphis- My Day Trip To The Memphis Comics and Fantasy Con
Nov 24, 2013 Metropolis, IL- home of the TARDIS..?!
Nov 25, 2013 Happy Birthday, Noel Neill- The First Lady of Metropolis and Original Lois Lane!
Nov 28, 2013 What do Superman and Catsup have in common?
Nov 30, 2013 Hockey Thursday and Fanboy Friday- my Thanksgiving Black Friday trip to Nashville
Dec 29, 2013 Hockey Holidays- Our Christmas Trip To Smashville
Dec 1, 2014 Back in time- a quick look back at my St. Louis trip
Dec 7, 2014 “You’re a tourist, Harry!” My trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter pt.1 Gringotts
Dec 11, 2014 “Diagonally!” My trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter pt2 Diagon Alley
Dec 15, 2014 “Bartender- another round of Butterbeer!” My trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter pt3 Let’s eat- and drink!
Jan 2, 2015 “Don’t talk rubbish. There is no platform nine and three-quarters.” My trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter pt4 The Hogwarts Express
Feb 15, 2015 #HappyVD – how I spent my Valentines Day with my fangirl wife.
Feb 15, 2015 Hoggy-Warty-Hogwarts! My trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter pt5 Attending Hogwarts
Apr 2, 2015 Midsouthcon 2015- Thar’ be Dragons…and bats!
Apr 10, 2015 Confessions of a Closet Cosplayer
Apr 15, 2015 “Smiling Is Not Consent” – Con Cosplay Courtesies
May 9, 2015 One week ago- #FreeComicBookDay
Jul 3, 2015 The Adventures of Lex- My Metropolis Superman Celebration Rescue Kitty
Aug 1, 2015 WHO-dunnit…Cosplay Adventures and Celebrity Encounters at Con Kasterborous 2015!
Aug 9, 2015 “What happens in Metropolis…usually ends up in my blog.” Superman Celebration 2015 memories
Aug 15, 2015 “Hot Dog!” My Encounter With The World Famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!
Sep 9, 2015 “You’re on the GIANT screen, Harry!” Harry Potter movie series at the Pink Palace
Nov 22, 2015 Con Games- Sketchy Business: What Is The Future Of Artist Alleys And Drawing At Comic Cons
Nov 27, 2015 Cleveland Rocks, And Memphis Has The Blues, But Hernando SKATES!
Dec 13, 2015 “In A Basketball Arena Not So Far, Far Away…STAR WARS!” #GrizzStarWarsNight
Dec 27, 2015 “Star Wars: The Fanboy Stays Awake” – And Spoiler Free To See “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”!
Jan 10, 2016 Just A Hunka-Hunka-Hockey! Elvis Night With The Mississippi Riverkings
Apr 8, 2016 Con Ettiquette and the Art of Portfolio Reviews Part 3
Apr 10, 2016 “This Means War”- My Doctor Who War Doctor cosplay Part 1
Apr 13, 2016 Cosplaying in Memphis- photos from MidSouthCon 34
Apr 23, 2016 A Journey To The Green Dragon Public House- Hobbits Welcome!
Apr 25, 2016 Adventures Of Making Pfunky Pancakes And Getting Your Geek Drink On!
Jul 30, 2016 “To The Library, Robin!” My Bat-Display Celebrating The Batman TV SHow’s 50th Anniversary
Nov 20, 2016 Out of office- be back soon!
Dec 4, 2016 Hatch Show Print Tour And Playing Tourist Around Downtown Nashville, TN
Jan 6, 2017 When Life Gives You Snow- Buy Comics! How I Supported My Comics Habit As A Kid
Jan 21, 2017 “Check Out” the Animation and Comic Book Art Display at Hernando Library
Apr 1, 2017 “Rorschach’s Journal: April 1st, 2017. How I Created My Rorschach Cosplay- No Foolin’.”
May 5, 2017 Free Comic Book Day Is Back!!!
May 7, 2017 Hitting The Pavement For Free Comic Book Day 2017
Oct 15, 2017 What am I up to..? Giving away a sketchcover!
Dec 25, 2017 “A Dickens Of A Christmas”- Our Visit To Franklin, TN
Feb 25, 2018 “Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam..!” – ‘Spamalot’ comes to Covington, TN in March
Jun 24, 2018 Super Day Trip To Metropolis- Pt1 KRYPTON
Jul 1, 2018 Super Day Trip To Metropolis- Pt2: Sign(s) Of The Times
Jul 8, 2018 Super Day Trip To Metropolis- Pt3: Super-Rides
Jul 10, 2018 “I don’t like SPAM- but I loved SPAMalot!” – Monty Python in Covington, TN
Sep 23, 2018 “Holy-Hooray-For-Hollywood, Batman!”- My trip to the Hollywood Museum
Dec 31, 2018 “Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good!” – Pt1: Memphis Ghostbusters
Jan 4, 2019 “This Means War”- My Doctor Who War Doctor cosplay Part 2
Jan 6, 2019 “Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good!” – Pt2: DeSoto County Ghostbusters
Jan 10, 2019 Flashback Friday- My Delta Fan Fest Adventures (2016)
Feb 15, 2019 Flashback Friday- Memphis Comic Expo 2018: DonnieCon ROCKS!
Aug 7, 2020 Flashback Friday: Watchmen In NYC
Aug 14, 2020 Flashback Friday: This Post Is Long Overdue- My Trip To The NY Public Library
Aug 21, 2020 Flashback Friday: “Hey, Does This Pole Still Work..?- My Trip to Hook & Ladder Co. #8
Sep 4, 2020 Flashback Friday: “I’m Here To See Dana Barrett.”- My Trip To Central Park West
Nov 18, 2021 Flashback Friday: Being Local Tourists pt1 – Hernando Skates
Nov 26, 2021 Flashback Friday: Being Local Tourists pt2 – Downtown Discoveries
Dec 3, 2021 Flashback Friday: Memphis Ghostbusters pt1 – “Ghostbusters: Afterlife…FINALLY!”
Dec 3, 2021 Flashback Friday: Memphis Ghostbusters pt2 – “Bustin’ In Memphis w/Ray Parker, Jr!”
Jan 7, 2022 “Well, Shoot..!”- Looking For Places To Take Photos Close To Home Pt1
Jan 8, 2022 “FREEZE..!”- Looking For Places To Take Photos Close To Home Pt2
Aug 26, 2022 Flashback Friday: Metropolis Day Trip 2022
Nov 14, 2023 Down By The River