This past Friday I put on my old black and white striped suit, tied up my black combat boots and neck tie, did my hair and make-up, and drove downtown with my wife.


No, it wasn’t a dinner date, us getting engaged again, or me going out in drag- it was the annual Memphis Zombie Massacre.

The yearly event occurs every Memorial Day weekend starting off on South Main near the Farmer’s Market and train station and ends on Beale Street.

Not only is it a chance for folks to “bring out your dead” as part of a public performance art project, it’s also a chance to bring out some can goods to help the Mid-South Food Bank. This year’s “Cans 4 Brains” drive brought in over 700lbs of food, and some cash donations, too.

There was a huge crowd again, and many had help with their make up from Patrick French and members of Haunted Web of Horrors– a local haunted house that benefits Youth Villages each October.

They had a mobile airbrush unit and could spray and splatter many victims in a very short time!

Some folks came already dressed up and bloodied up.

Others like some MSCA members got ready behind the train station…

…and walked across the parking lot to join the zombie horde.

With it being the South Main Art Walk, a holiday Friday, and the first night of the Orpheum’s Summer Movie Series downtown was packed. Many of the art walk attendees didn’t know about the zombie walk!

The zombies followed this guy down South Main to Beale Street. I think trying to direct a zombie horde is a lot like herding cats, but he and his crew did a great job.

Last year “Sheriff Rick” lead the dead parade. He can be very persuasive!

Everybody seemed to be having a great time, and even some zombies had smiles on their faces…

…well, I think they were smiles..!

The smell of BBQ downtown wasn’t as strong as the previous weekend during the Memphis In May International Barbeque Cooking Contest, but it was still present. As was a lot of fake blood- it got everywhere!

We walked from one end of Beale Street to the other, and then back again. “Hey- there goes Elvis!”

Many of us even stopped and danced. Hey, when Thriller comes on ya gotta!

I don’t know about everyone else, but after walking a few miles and a couple dance breaks I definitely was dead tired at the end of the night!

My wife Nicki had her camera with her and kept busy taking shots of zombies, which is funny since she’s usually taking shots at them or running them over on her iPad.

Before heading back down Main to the car we decided to take advantage of being on Beale at sunset. Talked to some nice folks from Ohio- who had a few questions about the zombies..!

They’re still doing work on Beale Street Landing where the American Queen Steamboat departs from.

On the way back to the car we got to watch some fire dancers in front of the Main Street fire station. (Somebody was thinking ahead!)


Had a great time and am looking forward to next year- and Halloween! Hope to see you at Haunted Web of Horrors in October.



*(Thanks to Nicki Workman for the additional photos of me! “Hey- there goes Elvis! Yo, King!”)