Hey, gang!

I’m back for another Flashback Friday featuring my trip to NYC and the Ghostbusters filming locations.

So far we’ve gone to the library, and firehouse– this time it’s another 1984 movie location. We’re visiting Dana Barrett and Louis Tully‘s Central Park apartment building at 550 Central Park West

…the Shandor Building, also known as Spook Central!

Okay- who brought the dog..?

The exteriors of the building (and church next door) were shot in Manhattan at 55 Central Park West, between 65th and 66th Streets and directly across the street from Central Park. The building has 19 floors, is a housing cooperative, was designed by the firm of Schwartz and Gross and built back in 1929. It’s had some pretty famous tenants over the years, and the penthouse has sold several times for between $1-30,000,000. Don’t know how much orchestra musicians or C.P.A.s get paid, but let’s just say that in the movie Dana and Louis are doing fine for themselves.

In the movies it was designed and built by Ivo Shandor, an architect and doctor who lead a cult of around 1000 Gozer the Gozerian worshipers that performed doomsday rituals up on the roof.

The Gozer temple above the penthouse apartment and extra floors (as well as a gargoyle or two) were added with special effects. In the  movie Dana and Louis live on the 22nd floor (Dana’s apartment is 2206, Louis’ is 2202).

The original building the producers wanted was 1 Fifth Avenue (near Washington Square Park). It was much taller (27 floors) and had a cool top that could easily double as a temple, but the residents of the building decided they didn’t want the movie crew filming there. The one on Central Park West was chosen instead and became the one Ghostbusters fans know and love.

The production also made another apartment building on the Columbia lot to shoot the finale scene where the road breaks apart. It’s seamless when you’re watching the movie- at least it is to me! Some GB trivia- there are two different doormen because one was filmed in NY at  the actual apartment building entrance and the other in L.A. on the set.

While walking around the library, we spotted this spooky building from Bryant Park (see my Library blog post to learn more about it and the surrounding Bryant Park). This building on 5th Avenue wasn’t 1 Fifth Avenue, but would have worked well, too! It also would have made more sense why Louis was walking around Times Square– it’s just around the corner..!

Nicki and I got up early on Saturday morning and caught a subway to Central Park. I was a bit worried about the NY subways, not only because of potential crime or strange passengers, but because they seemed a bit confusing and I hate crowds and confined spaces. Luckily I had my wife Nicki with me to help navigate, and a couple Guardian Angels to help keep it safe. We really only had a could subway rides that were crowded. I could definitely see how the virus spread so quickly up there.

Like most we had that weekend, it was a short ride and we only had a few strange encounters the whole time we were there. We exited at the 72nd Street/Central Park West stop, and made our way up the stairs and back outside into sunlight.

Once we were above ground again we could immediately see Central Park across the street. We crossed there and began to explore the park. It’s strange to encounter so much green in the middle of NYC.

The weather was amazing, and we just kind of followed the trails that snaked through the trees. We found a great spot to sit and watch folks row around the lake (apparently there are 8 lakes and ponds in Central Park). We took lots of pics, and listened to a couple folks perform live/acoustic. Also saw a wedding party taking pics by the lake. It was kind of weird to feel safer walking around Central Park and Manhattan than I do in most of Memphis. If you ever want to visit Memphis, I’m more than happy to give you some tips on what to do/don’t do or see while in town.

After getting some more steps in we found an info booth, got a map and headed out to see Strawberry Fields.

We found the IMAGINE mosaic- which was a very popular spot for tourists. Was tricky trying to get a photo without someone sitting in the frame. We listened to a musician sing and play some acoustic Beatles tunes (including Imagine) and some of his own original songs. We heard a lot of live music throughout the park, and saw lots of folks biking, too.

Bit of advice- when crossing any roads or paths, watch out for anyone on a bike or jogging in the park…those folks are fast, serious, and crazy! Definitely keep your head on a swivel. The streets around the church/apartment building are very busy, too.

After spotting a snack cart, we got a pretzel and some water, took a breather while doing some people watching, and then headed off to find Tavern On The Green. It wasn’t too far of a walk from where we had stopped to eat and rest. It was a bit off the main road we were walking on but fairly easy to find.

The restaurant had closed for a few years, but was back open while we were there. Unfortunately it’s closed again due to COVID-19, as is a lot of New York. So thankful we went when we did.

I was really surprised at just how close the restaurant was to the apartment building, and how much bigger the building behind it was. You can see both  behind me. Didn’t realize Louis didn’t really have all that far to run when trying to get away from the Terror Dog/Vinz Clortho.

The restaurant has changed a bit since the movie was filmed here. As we walked back up the road beside the restaurant it looked like this area in the movie was now outdoors.

We turned right and followed a paved path that curved back some and before we knew it we could see the apartment building and church to our left.


I have to admit, I completely geeked out. I love cool, Gothic architecture, and not only was I at Spook Central- an iconic Ghostbusters filming location, but the church was still standing!

In the movie the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man walks up Central Park West and steps on the church before scaling the apartment building next door and really ticking off Peter Venkman.

The actual church is the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, and is located at 3 West 65th Street at the corner of Central Park West. Construction on the church took almost 2 years and was completed in 1904.


The church was amazing to see in person. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to see inside, but I took a ton of photos with Nicki’s nicer Nikon camera.

Well, I also took a bunch with my iPhone, too! I’m not super religious, but love Gothic architecture and enjoy touring old churches. Definitely want to see the insides of this one.

When I walked next door to the apartment building I talked a bit with the doorman. It was obvious that I was a tourist and that he sees a lot of ghostheads at work each day.

I didn’t ask if there was a no pets policy. He was very friendly, but I didn’t want to push my luck to see if I could look around the lobby. I did get a peek as I walked by. 😉

Directly across from the apartment building is a yellow square on the wall where Louis climbed over while being chased by the Terror Dog/Vinz Clortho.

It’s a bit of a drop, but a quick run to Tavern On The Green- especially with a Terror Dog hot on your heels!

Again, it was so surreal to be there. I’d always wanted to go to NYC, but didn’t think I would get the chance, much less visit some famous movie locations like this. But with New York/Manhattan, there are sooooo many movie locations for sooooooo many different productions.

I really have to thank Nicki for making this trip happen, and being so willing to see some of my Ghostbusters bucket list locations with me. I’ve got a couple more locations to share with you, and one non-Ghostbusters bucket list location of Nicki’s that I was surprised to get to visit.

Hope you enjoyed reading this HGWT blog post on Ghostbusters locations and NYC.

We definitely had a blast being there at Spook Central!




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