Hey, Gang-


Sorry I haven’t been updating lately. I’ve been busy with the day job, trying to get used to the time change, and doing a little decompression after the election. I’ve got some convention pics and other things I’ve done over the summer to share with you. Will start getting those up this week before Thanksgiving, and will do more after the turkey break. Will be sharing some new art on my LinWorkman.com site, too. I do try and keep my HGWT Facebook page and Twitter account updated, so if you’re following those you know I’ve been staying busy. If you don’t follow them, I do encourage you to. I post upcoming event info, pics from my trips, and other geeky stuff.

Hope your summer has gone well. I’ve kinda felt like 2016 has been kicking a lot of us in the butt, so this latest HGWT toon is dedicated to 2016. Just over a month left to go…goodbye and good riddance!