Hey gang, I know- long time no post.

I did do some traveling this summer, but with long, hot days at the day job I haven’t been blogging like I should. I did start a few drafts of some of my traveling adventures, but will post them soon in future Flashback Friday blogs. Hit several shows and took lots of pics. Today I’m going to do a bit of cross-promoting and talk more about my art and something special coming up.

If you check out my art site LinWorkman.com you can see that I have been doing some drawing over the summer- mostly sketchovers.

I love working on them, and have a few for sale at Comic Cellar  in Memphis, TN and will have more available there soon after they move to their new (and bigger) location at the end of this month.


I hand-draw the art on blank comic covers (they have a white background with the masthead/logo on the front) in pencil, markers, and ink. Each one is a unique work of art, and many I draw wrap around from front to back.

Well, here’s some good news news (and I know we all could use more of that these days)- I’m going to be giving one away for FREE with to help celebrate the 4th anniversary of the Comic Book Central podcast. Be sure to listen to the show’s host Joe Stuber to find out more info on which character(s) from this past year’s CBC interviews will be featured on the wrap-around sketchcover, and how you could win it for yourself. Joe mentions me and this upcoming contest towards the end of Episode #196.

It’s not hard to find the CBC lair. Just go to iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, or to the show’s website- comicbookcentral.net

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy checking out Comic Book Central. I listen to it all the time while working in my Batcave studio, and have been while working on this giveaway!

Type at ya later,


PS- I’ll give you a hint…it’s none of the sketchcovers I’ve shown here. 😉



I can now show you what the giveaway sketchcover looks like..!

You can see how I did it over on my art site – LinWorkman.com

Check out Ep.197 of Comic Book Central to learn how you can enter to win my sketchcover!