Hey, gang- sorry it’s been so long since a post. Have had some problems with a couple of my sites but things are back up and running again. Figured I’d do a quick post to get back in the swing of things.

This weekend my wife Nicki and I were out running errands and after stopping for lunch in Southaven we decided to head down to the Hernando DeSoto River Park in the Lske Cormorant, MS area- not too far from Tunica. We had loaded Nicki’s Nikon DSLR and Sony mirrorless cameras in the car earlier and since there was a slight chance for clouds/color we decided to do a quick detour on our way home to take some shots along the Mississippi River.

Even with the time change we had some time to make the quick trip yo catch the sunset. It’s been a while since we’ve been down by the river, and it was definitely down from the last time we were there.

Last time we were there (above) the water was so high you couldn’t even see the boat ramp. Nicki said the river level this time was down about 6ft from normal, and there were certain areas in the park that are normally wet that were just just weeds and reeds!

We got some good amount of clouds and color, but of course the last two days have had even more than when we went.

We missed getting pics of a barge heading down the river, but not going to complain. It was just nice to get back down to the park. Weather was great, it wasn’t crowded, and we both had fun exploring and shooting.

It’s a nice place just to chill and enjoy the view. There are picnic tables, boat ramp, overlook, plenty of space for dogs and kids to play, and a great view of the Arkansas side of the river.

The park is open from sunrise to sunset (whenever the river doesn’t cause it to be closed). It’s not that far of a drive down Hwy. 61 from Memphis or down 1-69 or Commerce Street from Hernando- and even closer from Tunica!

We also love to check out Martyr Park in Memphis, and Hernando Point in Arkabutla, MS.

I’ll try and post more pics from each location. Hadn’t realized we’d made several trips I not only didn’t post, but think there are a couple SD cards I haven’t even looked at or even downloaded to my computer yet!

My next HGWT blog post(s) will be about our recent trip to NYC to celebrate Nicki finishing grad school. It was our first actual vacation since 2019 when we went just before the pandemic hit!