Recently my wife Nicki and I attended the 34th MidSouthCon at the Hilton Hotel Memphis in Memphis, TN.


In one of my last HGWT blog posts, I talked about the “aspiring artist” portfolio review I witnessed in the dealers room.


Thought this time I’d go a bit lighter and post some cosplay and panel pics from the con. That’s me and Nicki above with John Biefuss (writer for the Commercial Appeal) and Josh Plock on the Batman V Superman panel, which was WELL attended.


This was Nicki and me with Josh again after our Wonder Woman panel. We had a Wonder Woman and Cheetah attend the panel.


Me joking around on the Psychology of the Joker panel with Robert Brogden, James Weakley, Brittany Bailey/Dr. Quinnzel, Adam Mendelson-Bush/Joker.


The amount of cosplayers has grown at MSC, and so has the quality of costumes. I didn’t get to take a lot of shots since we were on panels most of Saturday, but here is a sample of some of the ones I saw over the weekend.

msc_kylorey2_2016  msc_rey2016


Kylo Ren VS Rey

DSC_5841 DSC_5855

Rey-Rey. I love that we have more and more female Star Wars characters for fans to cosplay.

msc_skeletor2016  msc_wreckitralph2016

Skeletor and Wreck It Ralph.


The Red Skull. Thor, and Loki.
DSC_5830  DSC_5832

Thor and Loki.


Thor and Loki…and Loki!

Most politicians just shake hands and kiss babies while campaigning..!

DSC_5825  DSC_5827

Lobster Johnson and Harley Quinn.

msc_masseffect2016  msc_spidercosplay2016

Mass Effect (L) Storm, Captain Spiderman, and Spider-Gwen (R).


Cap’n Spidey and Deadpool chill out- cosplaying can be a lot of work!

msc_hawkgirl2016  msc_batmanrobin2016

Hawkgirl and The Dynamic Duo.


Loki and The Red Skull…a deadly duo!


Ursula and King Triton from Little Mermaid.


Captain Hook and Peter Pan.


Nice sentiment, Cause-Play Memphis!


Wow, even the dogs cosplay at MSC!


Some people might have thought cartoonist Greg Cravens was cosplaying, but that’s just how he dresses.

mscgregsketches2016  msc_sketches2016

If you’ve seen a cartoon in the Memphis Flyer chances are it’s a Cravens Toon! He was on the Quick Draw Sketch panel and did caricatures on Pro Row.


And you can’t have a sci-fi lit con with out some sci-fi writers. Our friend John Jackson Miller was back in his home town and brought a ton of his Star Wars and Star Trek books he’s written. JJM’s philosophy is why just write Star Wars OR Star Trek books- why not write them both..?!! He’s also worked on several comic properties and written his own novels, too.
msc_wes2016  image1

Oh, and congrats to my friend and radio personality Wes Yahola on his first novel- The Artifice Conspiracy. Wes is on the morning show on 98.1 The Max here in Memphis. Comic Guest of Honor was Bob McLeod. He was set up in the dealers room and has worked on a lot of my favorite comics. Bought a couple prints from him and got a comic book signed by him for my co-worker Brandon. 

The con has a great art show and I try to participate each year. This time I had more of my sketchcovers for sale. Sold the Mickey/BB-8 one. 🙂


We had a great time, but as usual the weekend flew by way too fast!