Have Geek, Will Toon!

Here are some of my HGWT toons and links to my related travel blogs.

Yes, Lois- there is a Metropolis.
I feel Super- thanks for asking! (Metropolis 2010)
Super-sightings! (Metropolis 2011)
Super-sightings! Metropolis pt2…Enter Jor-Elvis!!!
Metropolis or bust..! Metro Comic Show 2011

Superman Celebration 2012 pt1- The Road To Metropolis!
Superman Celebration 2012 pt2- Day 1: Opening Ceremonies!
Superman Celebration 2012 pt3: Artists Alley/Writers Way- costumes, art and George Pérez!
Superman Celebration 2012 pt4: “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…Lois Lane!”
Superman Celebration 2012 pt5: Best (and worst) Dressed Supers in Metropolis!
Happy 92nd Birthday to Noel Neill- the Original Lois Lane and First Lady of Metropolis!
Happy Birthday, Noel Neill- The First Lady of Metropolis and Original Lois Lane!

Super-summer pt1: My trip to the 2013 Metropolis Superman Celebration
Super-summer pt2: My trip to the 2013 Metropolis Superman Celebration- Last Day

What do Superman and Catsup have in common?
Metropolis, IL- home of the TARDIS..?!

“What happens in Metropolis…usually ends up in my blog.” Superman Celebration 2015 memories
Things Were “Sketchy” For Me At This Year’s Metropolis Superman Celebration- And I Loved It!

The Adventures of Lex- My Metropolis Superman Celebration Rescue Kitty

“Have picnic basket- will travel!”

Popeye’s on vacation- in Chester, IL

Leland Frog Fest- just a hop, skip and a jump down Hwy 61!

Toadal Recall: Leland, MS- Home of the Frog

Toadal Recall 2: Little Rock Boogaloo! If Kermit won’t come back to us, we go to Kermit!
The Muppets movie tugged at my puppet heartstrings!

Nashville Comics and Horror Fest- the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!
Cosplaying in Memphis- photos from MidSouthCon 34
Confessions of a Closet Cosplayer
“This Means War”- My Doctor Who War Doctor cosplay Part 1
“Rorschach’s Journal: April 1st, 2017. How I Created My Rorschach Cosplay- No Foolin’.”

“Location, location, location!” Touring a cemetery in New Orleans for my birthday.
“Here fishy, fishy, fishy..!” My trip to the aquarium in New Orleans!

Con Etiquette and the Art of the Portfolio Review Part 1
Con Etiquette and the Art of the Portfolio Review Part 2
Con Ettiquette and the Art of Portfolio Reviews Part 3
“Hey, when/where is that cool convention?” The who, what, when, where, and why that should be on your website
Con games- the business of putting on conventions
Con Games- Sketchy Business: What Is The Future Of Artist Alleys And Drawing At Comic Cons
Confessions of a Closet Cosplayer
“Smiling Is Not Consent” – Con Cosplay Courtesies
Flashback Friday: Red Bank, NJ- home of The Comic Book Men

Last weekend in an arena not too far, far away…Star Wars Crystal Ball!
Sketching in a galaxy far, far away…Star Wars Galaxy 7 sketchcards
Happy Free Comic Book- and Star Wars Day…May The Fourth and Free Comics Be With You!
M&Ms melt in your mouth, not in your library’s display case!
“In A Basketball Arena Not So Far, Far Away…STAR WARS!” #GrizzStarWarsNight

Space Truckin’ With Capt. Kirk
Have Geek Will Travel- In Style! T-Birds flew into Memphis
WHO-dunnit…Cosplay Adventures and Celebrity Encounters at Con Kasterborous 2015!
Doing a bit of time traveling to ConKasterborous this weekend!
“Lin Who?” – My Time In Artists Alley At Con Kasterborous
“Hot Dog!” My Encounter With The World Famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!

One week ago- #FreeComicBookDay (2015)
Happy Free Comic Book- and Star Wars Day…May The Fourth and Free Comics Be With You! (2013)
Free Comic Book Day Is Back! (2017)
The Backwoods Comics Festival- Good Southern Fun!
My Day Trip To Wizard World Nashville 2013
Rockin’ In Memphis- My Day Trip To The Memphis Comics and Fantasy Con
Midsouthcon 2015- Thar’ be Dragons…and bats!
Buliding A Better Batcave: My New And Improved Art Studio/BatMan-Cave
“Believe it or not…I met Ralph, the Sundance Kid!” (Cape-Con 2011)
Cape-Con and May The Fourth Be With You! (Cape-Con 2010)
More Capes (Cape-Con 2010)
Cape-Con Continued (2010)
The Hottest Con In The World…PHX! (Phoenix Comicon 2010)
She said, “Yes!” (Phoenix Comicon 2010- engagement)
River City Comic Expo- my first and not last!
Sketching in Artists Alley at the River City Comic Expo 2015
When Life Gives You Snow- Buy Comics! How I Supported My Comics Habit As A Kid

Down on Bad Dog Street…
11-11-11 Nigel Tufner Day Celebration!
“Lin Who?” – My Time In Artists Alley At Con Kasterborous
A Couple of Days at the Museums- My Visits to the Pink Palace and Brooks Museums in Memphis
In your face 3-D! My trip to American Paper Optics
Dead Man Walking-10 Feet Off Of Beale!
A Journey To The Green Dragon Public House- Hobbits Welcome!
Adventures Of Making Pfunky Pancakes And Getting Your Geek Drink On!
“Check Out” the Animation and Comic Book Art Display at Hernando Library
“You’re a tourist, Harry!” My trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter pt.1 Gringotts
“Diagonally!” My trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter pt2 Diagon Alley
“Bartender- another round of Butterbeer!” My trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter pt3 Let’s eat- and drink!
“Don’t talk rubbish. There is no platform nine and three-quarters.” My trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter pt4 The Hogwarts Express
Hoggy-Warty-Hogwarts! My trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter pt5 Attending Hogwarts
“You’re on the GIANT screen, Harry!” Harry Potter movie series at the Pink Palace

Hockey Thursday and Fanboy Friday- my Thanksgiving Black Friday trip to Nashville
Hockey Holidays- Our Christmas Trip To Smashville
Back in time- a quick look back at my St. Louis trip
SMASHVILLE or Bust- My trip to the home ice of the Nashville Predators!
Cleveland Rocks, And Memphis Has The Blues, But Hernando SKATES!